The simplest way to make your painting projects easier than ever.

When you need large scale painting services in your business, complex or unit and you have no time for it, BC Quality Painting® has you covered and will take that job for you and serve all your painting needs with quality, on-time service.

BC Quality Painting’s Promise to You

We guarantee our services to be top-notch, with the highest quality, we ensure you have the most satisfactory experience by using our services. We’re bonded and insured.

Our prices are affordable, accurate and we make sure we’ve done your project in the right way.

We’re Proud to Offer

2 years warranty for our Painting, 6 years Warranty on Bathtub / Tile Refinishing.

100% guarantee on quality and satisfaction with free estimates.


What is the number one reason people choose to get their house freshly painted? They want their old home to feel new again, and they want it to look great. But making your home look great might require more than a new coat of paint. Some homeowners might only need their kitchen repainted, while others need the exterior painted and the deck stained. BC Quality Painting® has your needs covered, big or small!


We’ll get the job done. Fast and on time. Say goodbye to painters that take weeks to finish the job, cause property damage, provide poor workmanship, or disappear in the middle of the job. BC Quality Painting® will be there when you need us, and we’ll always make sure you’re happy with the results. We have over 20 years of experience in providing interior and exterior painting services to all types of businesses.

Let’s make it right together the first time