About Us

BC Quality Painting® has you covered when you need large scale painting services in your business, complex or residential units and you have no time for it. We take the time to ensure that the job and quality is 100% and serve all your painting needs with detailed, on-time and professional service.

Top Reasons to use BC Quality Painting

Time Saver

There are a lot of things to do before you start painting. You need to prep the walls, fill up the holes and a lot of other areas need to be accounted for. If you hire our professional painters, you can relax while we attend to all of this, you can spend your time on something that you actually enjoy doing while letting our professionals take care of your walls and more.

Quality Service

There is bound to be a significant difference in the quality of a painting job done by BC Quality Painting® as compared to the results you may come up with on your own or with a different company. Our professionals have significantly more experience, are highly trained and above all else friendly. We use more high quality, premium products that best suit the walls of your house or home . Above all, our professionals help you choose colours that are suitable for your setting, taste or needs. 

Detail Driven

With our professional painters at your service, the results of the painting job are top notch because our professionals are known to pay attention to the smallest of details. We ensure that we meet all your demands and expectations. Why compromise when you can hire the best and get the results and value.


Hiring our professionals means that you can be at ease as we’re licensed to do your job demands. We save you the trouble because it means that we are insured and bonded. This means that if a problem arises midway through the job, that our professionals will be able to correct it with no problem. Any damage is covered by our expert staff and you will be able to relax without having to worry about the expenses that would go into repair.

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